The Rolling Stone

The rolling stone braces himself as he stands high from a mountain top, he looks down at the valley below and prepares for the long journey ahead. Rapidly he descends into another time, a faraway place, a pueblo he calls home, if only for a moment. He makes new friends, gathers new stores and learns about things that only few know. The feeling of comfort sets in and a new romance begins.  When she looks in his eyes can she see his love returning to her and she asks herself if he will stay, maybe for a day or maybe more?

As he packs his bags he turns to her and softly whispers in her ear “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” He hums a tune as he slowly walks down the long trail; he turns back for one last glance and sees a woman standing in a doorway, tears in her eyes, slowly streaming down her face.  He says to her, don’t cry for me, a new one, a better one will come soon and take my place and she watches as he slowly disappears in the distance.

A new destination a new journey a new story or is it all the same, just another day with a new set of circumstances? A new romance, a new girl, it is great to be me he thinks and smiles. I’ve had so many loves, none the same, a girl in every town and a different story in every girl. The thought of making love to women without knowing them excites him, the mystery of a woman is an aphrodisiac, I do not want to know her, her stories bore me, her problems annoy me and her past is before me. So on to the next town, new people, new stories and new women, that’s how he rolls.

He returns home only to rest for just a moment and then on to his next destination. He is excited thinking about what lies before him and what new adventures await.  As he strolls down the sandy beach he recognizes a familiar face and remembers a time from his past, the vision of a girl whose memory he cannot escape, the one who still haunts his dreams.  He opens his eyes and he sees her, she smiles as their eyes meet and he is captivated by her.  He thinks about his life and wonders what if he had stayed, what could have been.  He remembers the pain of being with her and the misery of being without her but somehow he can’t forget her.

As she sees him standing in front of her she drifts off to a faraway place and she remembers falling asleep in his arms and waking up in his love; she was inspired by him and admired his talent, she shared his vision and knew that someday he would rise to the top, she wanted to share her life with him and once dreamed of being his wife.  But hurt and pain had come between them and the ragging waters of the storm had separated them and stolen their love.

She thinks back to a time long ago asking herself if her love was enough to ground him. And as she stood before him looking into his deep black eyes, wanting him more than ever, she touched his face and without a word walked slowly into the distance remembering “the rolling stone gathers no moss.”

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