The Goddess

Someone who say’s come in and leads you to a crowded room answers the door.  You look around the room knowing she is somewhere.  You are trying to imagine what she will look like. What she will be wearing.  You have envisioned her so many times in your mind.

As you search the room, you stop suddenly and your eyes are drawn to her.  You look away but something makes you look back, You watch her as she talks, her movements are subtle she doesn’t say much but listens and nods her head to a conversation that is taking place. She flips her hair, and you are mesmerized.

You find your mind wondering somewhere it shouldn’t and you are aroused by your own thoughts.  The conversation has stopped and her eyes sweep the room. As they meet yours, she stops and smiles.  In one glance she has told you a whole story. A shyness comes over you and you turn your head to glance the other way but when you return she is gone. As you search for her she is nowhere to be found.  You mingle, talk with several people, men, couples, beautiful women but somehow you cannot stop thinking about the beautiful woman with the hour-glass figure and long flowing blond hair.

The night is late and you must go.  As you walk through the room and down the long hallway you see a vision.  As you come closer your eyes meet. She approaches, moving slowly; confident, like a jaguar, sleek long sexy legs, she stands in front of you and her hand slightly touches yours.  You can feel the heat penetrating off of your bodies and cannot see or feel the presence of anyone else in the room; you take her body and press it against yours.  Your heart is beating and your mind races out of control, you gently turn her so that her back is against the wall.  You place your hands on her hips and she caresses your face as she “softly, gently” kisses your lips. She admires your tall handsome physique and you now feel her hands exploring all of it. You feel her heart racing against your own and your eyes are lost into each others. At that moment your mind goes blank and you think this must be a dream. You think to yourself who is this mysterious woman that has captured me with her ultimate beauty. You are no longer in control of your own thoughts and without reservation you pick her up and take her in your arms and carry her upstairs to the bedroom.

The room is dark except for the slight lighting given from the lit candles. Slowly you unzip her dress and it falls to the floor; she is standing in front of you and you are not able to take your eyes off of her.  She has the most beautiful body you have ever seen, her skin is soft and toned; her breasts are firm and full. Slowly you gently lay her on the bed and softly kiss her lips. You can feel her body tremble and you whisper “trust me” softly in her ear.  She looks up into your eyes and smiles and with both hands you gently take her face close to yours and passionately kiss her soft juicy red lips. She presses her breasts against your chest and then guides your mouth to her hard nipples, she moans softly as you take them into your mouth, she is moving slightly back and forth as if the pleasure is almost too much to bare. Gently you turn her on her stomach and run your hands down her soft silky back-side, her bottom is beautifully shaped, round and curvy and it feels soft and hard to your touch. As you explore the possibilities and take things to a higher level she is unable to hold back and she lets go of all control unleashing all of her inhibitions. She makes her way down your body with her tongue exploring all there is to find. You watch her and you are amazed and gloried as this goddess is sensually pleasing you in every way. Passionately you grab her, she stares into your eyes as she takes you inside her. Softly she moans and moves slowly to gaze into your eyes and you take her head to your mouth and kiss her long and hard.

  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for putting up.

  2. i was exactly talking about this with a friend yesterday, and now i found about it in your blog. this is awesome.

  3. this is pretty amazing

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